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SUMMER FC Believes in the power of sports


 SUMMER FC  is all about having fun! We foster a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for all our players. When children learn through play, learning becomes natural and easy. 


We believe relationships and team spirit are elements that are essential for young players. Soccer can be used as a tool to transmit values like respect, solidarity, helping one another and sharing.  


Our program continues to evolve each year to inspire players to understand the game, learn the fundamentals, and be part of a team! We are always striving to be the best place for your children to start their soccer journey!

Since 2010, Summer FC has introduced soccer to over 10,000 players. We believe the best way to introduce new players to the game is by providing programs in their own communities. Our mission is to bring as many players as we can around a soccer ball, and with the help of our coaches, foster a fun and safe environment where players can grow, build confidence, and of course enjoy this wonderful game. The idea is to encourage and build a passion for all players to continue in sports.  The best way to learn is by play, our first priority is for our players to HAVE FUN!



"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed participating in Summer FC this year. Holly was such a fantastic coach; not only did she teach the kids, she played right alongside them and joked with them a lot. My daughter loved all the different games and definitely learned some new skills. At the end of the program, she was thrilled to receive a certificate proclaiming that she is now a 'real' soccer player. This has given her so much confidence that she is interested in starting a soccer club at her school. We are looking forward to signing up again next summer."


We believe creativity together with observed quality coaching will help our participants to become confident soccer players. Our well-trained SUMMER FC Coaches are passionate about coaching and will thrill your child with creative, high energy and age-appropriate activities that serve as a great introduction to soccer.  Our coaches are responsible, caring, dedicated, enjoy working with children, friendly, engaging, fun, positive, creative and patient.

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