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SUMMER FC Believes in the power of sports


 At Summer FC, joy is at the heart of our program. We create a relaxed and welcoming environment where fun is the priority. Our approach allows children to learn through play, making their soccer journey both natural and enjoyable.


We champion the power of teamwork and friendship in soccer. Our program emphasizes values like respect, solidarity, and cooperation, encouraging young players to not only grow in their skills but also in their relationships.


Each year, Summer FC evolves to ignite a passion for soccer in every player. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game and fostering team spirit, making our program the ideal starting point for your child's soccer adventure.

Welcome to Summer FC! Since we started in 2010, we've become a lively place for kids to play soccer, with over 10,000 young players joining us so far. At Summer FC, we see every kick of the ball as a way to boost your child's confidence and help them believe in themselves.
Our way of coaching goes beyond the usual. Every time your child passes the ball, they're not just playing; they're making friends and becoming part of a special community. When they score a goal, it's more than just a point for the team; it's a moment of joy and a sign of how well they're learning to work together and be resilient.
Fun is at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that when kids enjoy playing, they learn and grow so much more. Soccer with us isn't just about winning games. It's about giving your child a fantastic experience, where they feel valued and develop a lasting love for the sport. So, come and join us at Summer FC, where soccer is all about having a great time, building friendships, and helping your child discover their potential.


"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed participating in Summer FC this year. Holly was such a fantastic coach; not only did she teach the kids, she played right alongside them and joked with them a lot. My daughter loved all the different games and definitely learned some new skills. At the end of the program, she was thrilled to receive a certificate proclaiming that she is now a 'real' soccer player. This has given her so much confidence that she is interested in starting a soccer club at her school. We are looking forward to signing up again next summer."

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