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  • My child is almost three years old, can I still register?
    Yes! We have almost three years olds join us for the program. Our coaching approach and fun program content provides a comfortable environment for your child to participate. Our number one goal is that the children have FUN!
  • The program has already started can I still enroll?
    Yes! If the program you are intrested in has already started the fee will be prorated to reflect the remaining weeks.
  • What equipment do I need to get for my child?
    All you need to bring is runners or soccer shoes and a water bottle. Shin guards are optional.
  • Where do I find info about program start and finish dates?
    All beginning and end dates are found in the "schedule and registration" Page after you select your location by clicking on a soccer ball.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The cost of our programs varies slightly by day (Sunday and Monday programs are 7 sessions instead of 8, because of long weekend) and age group (Ages 3-5 programs are 45 minute sessions, others are 1 hour). You can see the price of each program by going to the schedule of the individual class, but they range from $135-$145 for 3-5 programs, and $145-$155 for the older age groups.
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